A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease
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Wednesday August 25th Steve Hugunin's hair line changed forever. Well maybe just for another 30 days! He participated with in raising money for the Niemann-Pick Children's Fund in honor of my two sons Brisan and Parker Stults. He had two weeks to accomplish his mission. The dares were to shave his head, dress up in a costume for a month, and the other was to go skydiving because he is afraid of heights.

Well we all saw this one coming and how much he loves his hair. After the two week time period he was able to raise $1,061 for the NPCF. A very remarkable job he did! We are incredibly thankful for his actions and his caring sensitivity to Brisan and Parker's condition.

Enjoy watching the video below while we shave it all off! Steve your a great guy and you have a heart of gold.

Niemann-Pick Type C Disease | | Steve Hugunin Dare

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