A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease



What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program for those who can’t afford to pay for medical care. Having a child with a rare disease complicates matters with private insurance and those who are not currently insured. Different states have different procedures. To find your application by state: Visit Here

How to know if you qualify for Medicaid?

Let’s start out with a big IF. You could possibly be covered by these three scenarios:

  • – You meet certain financial requirements
  • – You have high medical bills
  • – You currently are receiving Supplemental Security Income. Known as SSI.

Where do you apply for Medicaid?

You will want to contact your local social services department in your area. The most helpful could be locating a social worker within the hospital that you or your child receives care and ask for guidance in enrolling into the program.

What kind of info do you need to apply for Medicaid?

  • – Proof of citizenship
  • – Proof of age (More than likely a birth certificate will do the job)
  • – Recent paycheck stubs
  • – Proof of other income sources (ike retirement, VA benefits, and etc)
  • – Proof of residence (like a water bill, mortgage statement, something with your address)
  • – Any insurance cards (private insurance)

If eligible for Medicaid, should I cancel my other health insurance?

It is recommended that you do not make a rash decision any cancel any policy until you fully understand the benefits of your decision. Medicaid sometimes under certain circumstances help pay your health insurance premium if you cannot afford the payment.  This is a tricky area and you should visit Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or your local social worker.

Do I qualify based upon my income?

There are many different options here but this will give you a start.

Medicaid Income Levels 2011

If you really want to put your brain to work you can view Medicaid Eligibility to dive more into the this chart.

You can find all this information and a ton more at