A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease

Matthew Lesko in Town For Vegas Casino Night

Matthew Lesko in Town For Vegas Casino Night

Matthew Lesko who is TV's best known personality who genuinely seeks to educate the American pubic about available grant opportunities, will be attending our Vegas Casino night on November 11, 2011 at the Hilliard Art Gallery. You may best know him as providing detailed information on how to apply for government grants that most people are unaware of due to the lack of publicity.

Passion To Help

Brisan and ParkerFor well over 30 years, Matthew has been on a quest to educate the public. At times we may think he is over the top but he has went up and beyond what most of us would do to fulfill not only our passion but to get people to notice him. I have to say that is admiring. We face the same challenge with a disease like Niemann-Pick Type C. It is rare and not a lot of people are aware. So we need to bring awareness to the matter to further educate about this rare disease that could open the doors to other well known diseases that plague our society. Our Vegas Casino Night is one of our attempts to draw the Kansas City community into a night of fun but equally important generating knowledge to the public.

Matthew will be presenting attendees with his American Benefit Plan (Value of $350) as a courtesy gift. He truly likes to give back.

What is Niemann-Pick Type C?

Niemann-Pick Type C is a genetic disorder that affects the cells ability to metabolize cholesterol. It is extremely rare and consequently always fatal. Although the age of death varies, it generally strikes in adolescents and childhood. To learn more visit here: About Niemann-Pick Type C

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