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The Doctors TV Show | Niemann-pick Type C disease | Gavin Lopez

The Doctors TV Show | Niemann-pick Type C disease | Gavin Lopez

Gavin and His Mother's Heartbreaking Story

Kristen and Fernando Lopez have 3 children from Little Elm, Texas. Gavin there oldest son has Niemann-Pick Type C disease. Recently they were on the TV show The Doctors talking about their guilt about having a child with Niemann-Pick Type C. This is very normal to have these feelings because we as parents love our children so much that we want to fix them even with a rare disease. The show was focusing around Overcoming Guilt.

Gavin was a healthy baby boy and by the age of 2 he started having issues with his speech, muscle's going limp, and worrisome changes that had them concerned. For about a year they searched on what may be the reasoning behind it all. Kristin came across The Doctor's TV show about Addi & Cassi Hempel who also has Niemann-Pick Type C disease. She felt that this was exactly the diagnosis she was seeking. After several tests and the whole process it was confirmed…Niemann-Pick Type C disease. For many this is a death sentence that no parent wants to here. Learn more by clicking here about Niemann-Pick Type C disease.

Here is the intro about the Lopez's story:

How Niemann-Pick Disease Type C Affects the Body

E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork explains how Niemann-Pick Type C affects the body.

Words of Hope for Niemann-Pick Type C Patients

Chris Hempel sharing words of hope for all patients and family currently coping with Niemann-Pick Type C.

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