A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease

2013 Hospital Hill Run Discount (40th Annual)

2013 Hospital Hill Run Discount (40th Annual)

The Niemann-Pick Children’s Fund is proud to announce it’s participation in the 40th annual Hospital Hill Run in downtown Kansas City, Missouri as a Sliver Charity Partner! HHR has been giving local charities opportunities over the last handful of years to use this stage that is expecting over 9,000 – 10,000 participants on June 1, 2013.

Race Starts in….

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Race is Officially SOLD OUT

Hospital Hill Run is the oldest road race in Kansas City and one of the oldest run half marathons in the country. First held in 1974 with a field of 99 runners, Hospital Hill Run grew in size and stature in the ensuing years recently being named one of the top races in the country by Runner’s World magazine. In 2012 Hospital Hill Run hosted its largest field for the fifth consecutive year.

Our first year was 2012 as a Bronze Charity Partner. We primarily participated for the opportunity to raise awareness about Niemann-Pick Type C disease or Niemann-Pick disease in general. We lived and learned the “ins and outs” of the opportunity last year and with the help of the great staff of the HHR team, we have some great things planned for 6-1-2013. We know what to expect now from the event on race day. In total we had 33 runners sign up through our Non-Profit last year who all received 20% discount off their registration at signup. We gratefully thank each one of them! We hope that each one of them would be willing to show their support again this year by helping us raise awareness and a money for research.

2013 Goals

Goals for Hospital Hill RunOur goals for 2013 for the Hospital Hill Run is to reach a minium of  50 runners, walkers or volunteers in any combination to support the bigger mission in helping us raise a minimum of $3,000. Each runner or walker will have a task that we will ask them to generously help raise funds.The HHR event only allows us a platform to raise money and awareness. The HHR does not give any proceedings back to the participating Non-Profits but they do give us the opportunity to come up with some strategic placements to help in facilitating those goals.

Benefit For You

We will be offering a variety of “items” to help motivate you in exchange for providing a 20% off discount code. We would like to also focus on “kids” of the day of the event as well with activities on race day. Since our kiddos “only have a childhood to live a lifetime” we thought this would be really awesome.

  • Receive 20% off your 5k, 10k, and half-marathon race entry fee
  • If you don't run or walk… You can always help volunteer!
  • Support a local cause. It's a Fatal disease.
  • Help us raise awareness in your circle of influence
  • Help us raise money towards research on “Childhood Alzheimer's” (NPC)
  • Give more meaning to why you want to participate.

The “Childhood Alzheimer's”

Niemann-Pick Type C Disease is classified as FATAL with no viable treatment or cure on the market as of this post. The outcome is not so pleasant for the ones involved. More importantly it is rare with only 500 cases diagnosed worldwide EVER! Less than a 100 patients currently in the United States.

Niemann-Pick Disease has generally 3 types… A, B, C. Each of them has a different circumstance on “how it happens” genetically but all are under the same Lysosomal Storage Disorder umbrella.

Race Schedule (before discount)

EventThrough Feb. 28, 2013Through May 20, 2013Mailed In/Paper RegistrationRace Weekend (if avaliable) May 30-31, 2013
UMKC School of Medicine 5k$29.74$35.74$40.00$45.00
Half Marathon$59.74$65.74$70.00$75.00
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Niemann-Pick Children's Fund, Inc has the right to monitor and control the use of their special discount code assigned by the Hospital Hill Run. The neglect and misuse of our discount code is strictly prohibited. The Hospital Hill Run has the right to refuse your entry if this is suspected. Basically, do the right thing and show a little support for your local charity partners. Hospital Hill Run does not provide financial support but only a platform to help raise awareness and fundraising.

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