A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disease
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Niemann-Pick Type C Disease Is Fatal...

A Rare Lysosomal Storage Disorder, Niemann-Pick Type C is also known as the "Childhood Alzhiemer's". With the rarity affecting less than a 100 people in the United States. Hope and Treatment for a Cure are needed...

Niemann-Pick Disease Type C (NPC) shares similar pathological features as adult onset Alzhiemer's...

Cholesterol Issue

Storage of Cholesterol

NPC cells have the inability to metabolize cholesterol causing a domino affect storing cholesterol in the liver, brain, and spleen .

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Donate & Support

Donate to Niemann-Pick Research & Awareness

In many rare diseases, research and support are scarce. With your help and kindness we can change the outlook one donation at a time.

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Help & Resources

Help and Resources for Niemann-Pick Community

Searching for information about Niemann-Pick Disease? Looking for help? Find useful resources for our disease community on this page.

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NPC Blog

NPC Blog

Research and Information is vital to our disease community. Our blog aims to inform you of updates, breakthroughs, and of NPC.

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